St Patrick’s treat for mama geek! (and getting the people’s eyebrow for being such a loser)

Despite the fabulous start to the 2012 SPSP tour, I have since put it on hold for a couple of weeks as we’d had a bit of soft play overload (Abigail had friction burns.) All the running around and climbing in these play areas with her nappy on had rubbed her skin so I wanted to let it heal! Then we were distracted as it was Mothers day and St Patricks all in the same weekend so there were celebrations to be had!


St Patricks celebrations in our family are a big tradition (normally huge drinking sessions mainly) but this year as a ‘Supermum’ and a single one at that I decided to come over all domestic goddess and bake for the first time with Abigail…Irish coloured cakes of course!

Upon getting out the pan to use as a substitute mixing bowl I had to acknowledge that I’ve not done very well so far with the establishment of a kitchen kit (as is part of the Supermum mission) so here is a physical note to myself to sort that out ASAP! …and buy a bloody mixing bowl will you woman! 


 I’ve been using the tin foil trick to keep my baking trays clean which is a great idea but  decided to buy bun trays anyway as they were dirt cheap from Asda.  

Check out the spotless baking trays - shame about the rest of the oven

Abigail was very proud of the creations that we made and they really made St Patricks celebrations feel more family orientated instead of just a huge booze up (I’m not knocking drinking I’d totally do both if I could)

Our irish cakes - Abigail was so proud

This baking session prompted futher bakery in the following week as Abigail loved the whole “mix mix mix, put the egg in, mix mix mix” routine. (And there was a lot of left over mix to be used up!)

Note to self- mop kitchen floor and buy a goddam mixing bowl!

I also think she enjoyed sneakily eating some of the white chocolate stars that were supposed to be toppings!

One chocolate star for the cake...and one for me

More cakes and a tray bake were produced by our budding baker sister…

There were a lot more dolly mixtures before this cheeky bugger started decorating the top

Then we all (of course) had to eat what we had made…

Even Zack got involved with this bit!

Later that same week I looked in the mirror and realised I’d somehow got pretty spongy round the edges and begrudgingly decided that it would be best if I stopped buying in the cake mix for a while. Then came Mothers day and Leanne took Abigail off to write me a nice big card how sweet :)

my lovely mothers day card

Oh and did I mention that this mothers day was the best one EVER!!!! As my sister flew me to Tenerife for a few days to relax without the kids! 

We walked, dined, sunbathed and generally chilled the feck out. Oh and shopped of course!!

Leanne very happy with her buys

After spotting this ridiculous but REALLY AWESOME Kiely doll- our motto for the rest of the day just became ‘I will be best friend for you’ as  ‘friends’ we were to many… (such approachable laydees that we are)

I will be best friend for you

A hungarian jewellery maker on the beach confided in us that he needed to let his dog fight with another one to ‘sort things out’ and a nice old couple (our holiday mum and dad) helped us find our way home on the crazy spanish buses.


In case you ever go there just to let you know that the times on the timetable dont mean anything at all and the bus drivers fling you off the bus by your arm…seriously. But on a good note bus tickets are soooo damn cheap!


I got some really cool new clothes from an amazing store in Las Americas that my sister visits regularly called Stradivarius. I did remember to bear in mind my mummify your wardrobe rules on not buying inappropriate things. It also inspired me for when I got back to do a major wardrobe overhaul (like the wardrobe wednesday post) that is long overdue since winter’s gone and the summer stuff starts to come out of hibernation (aka under my bed).

Bury Supermum's event - free sample and info bags

I read Torey Hayden’s Ghost Girl all in one day because I can’t bear to leave something half finished (I wouldn’t have slept knowing it still needed to be read). Great book throughout… ending not so great… then I sat around restless desperate to clean, tidy, cook, iron, watch corrie, drink coffee and most of all blog. I missed my normal geeky existence. I got out a journo pad and kept writing stuff down for our next mums event.


I’ve applied to o2 think big for some money to pay for the venue and hopefully this will kick-start a yearly ‘Roadshow’ for the Supermum Project team. We will help mums by bringing all local business and services aimed at mums together in one room to present what’s on offer in our town (for families in particular.)


Every now and then I got that look off Leanne like “oh my god you fecking loser doing homework on holiday.” (It was kinda like the ‘people’s eyebrow’ only more directed at my pen.)

I missed my babies like hell. It’s true what they say; absence definitely makes the heart grow stronger; because all of a sudden I didn’t mind Abigail’s constant whining and Zack’s need to be carried around all the time.

the kids stayed at home with their nanny

I just wanted to cuddle and kiss them and I talked about them all the time as though I had ‘talk about your kid’s tourettes’. I bought them some matching vegas style t-shirts that say ‘what happens at nanas – stays at nanas’ which is perfect for these two little monkeys as they are spoiled rotten by their nana Tracy. They didn’t miss me one bit!

What happens at nanas stays at nanas

It was time to leave the lovely Canaries and get back down to business in Bury, but not before Leanne ‘planked’ on our suitcase for a laugh.

I actually nearly weed in my pants laughing at this

Then I got back home *sighs* and its good to be back… Still this weather in Bury is just far too glorious to be inside soft play centres working on the tour! So here’s what we got up to instead…

Early morning baths

Our makeshift paddling pool (I couldn't find the real one)

General messing around being cheeky


Finding and blowing up the real paddling pool

Playing in the real paddling pool

Posing for photos


Watching the sun go down after a crazy day of fun and dayreaming about what lies in store for us

I promise to get back to Soft Play centres as soon as there’s a rainy day – which can’t be too far off now?? See you soon x

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